Gift pack !!

Hello all,

On my last visit to a local supermarket in Singapore I came across this gift pack which I could not resist picking up. I guess due to a variety of daily need items it had, it was a total worth for money.

PRICE: SGD 14.40 $


Gift Pack!


Gift Pack!

Below is the list of items this pack contains:

  1. Fa Natural & Fresh Jasmine and Coconut Water Body wash 250ml.
  2. Fa NutriSkin 48H Deo Protection Roll-On 50ml.
  3. Fa SPORT Ultimate dry Deodorant 200ml.
  4. Creme 21 Body Milk for Dry Skin 250ml.
  5. Creme 21 Body Lotion for Normal Skin 250ml.
  6. Creme 21 Body Milk for Dry Skin travel friendly pack 50ml.
  7. Thremed Interdental Fluoride toothpaste 75ml.

I would be doing a full review of the Body 21 creams and lotions and all Fa products soon. Stay tuned!

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